In 2018, Farhan Husaini an Social Activist, was driven by the extraordinary dream to Change the entire thinking of the society to help the ones in need in any way he can be it Child, women or old people.
Like many of us, Farhan too was upset when he saw the old people being thrown out from their house, women facing extreme Violence, disparities between privileged and underprivileged children, poor health and no direct education to many.
He hated to see old ones, women and children begging and working as servants. Unlike most of us though, he wanted to do something for it.
He joined many organisations but he could not find any inner peace in it. In 2018 Farhan with 3 people started Pankh with Rs.100.They felt that something needed to be done to improve the situation of the underprivileged Indian children, women and old people of the society.He wanted to do something from the grassroot so as to bring a massive change to the society for the underprivileged, Old ones and womens.
All through the early, difficult years, it was farhan's passion and conviction that drove Pankh. He believes that each one of us in any way can contribute massively to the society. He requested everyone to come forward and support pankh in any way they can be it financially mentally or physically.
He believed in working hard in smart approach.
"Small Steps with Pure Heart can Change Whole humanity"

Farhan Husaini

Pankh Founder (2018)